Anne-Lise Large

Born in France and holding a PhD in Philosophy, Anne-Lise Large understands the art of both the eye and the written word. Comprised of mostly portraits, she captures close and intimate encounters of unsettling characters, making pictures haunting and visually arresting. Anne-Lise has exhibited at national and international venues. She has traveled extensively throughout the United States to create her series Lost Angels and Mythology. She is a member of Gamma-Rapho Agency and currently resides in Lyon, France

Lost Angels

"When the child was a child, there was time for these questions : when did time begin, and where does space end? Those pictures reflect the solitude of God, who created everything without witness; the angel’s role is to see. They exist with broken wings bruised by life. They are the fallen angels who plunged to earth. In the lens she sees the images unfold in front of her in fiery monochromes, the images emerge from darkness. But in the images she creates, there are no answers, only more questions. The figures are an untold story, the photographer a storyteller. In our adulthood we forget the beginning of time and the angels disappear from us. What she shows is hidden and secret."                                                                                                           —Stanley Greene


Across the United States, Mythology documents the tracks of actuals dreams, fairy tales, archetypes, visual symbols and social imagery. People are seen disguised or somehow transformed. They are real and unreal at the same time. At the end, there is not much of a distinction between projection and reality : one is constantly transforming itself into the other.

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